Luckless Hawkstone International

Elliott Browne

My first outing for Geartec Husqvarna Racing didn’t go how i planned this weekend at a wet and cold Hawkstone International, With the amount of rain leading up to the event it was obvious we where in for a tough race. In practice the track was hard to judge with a mix between  frozen dirt from the over night frost and sloppy deep ruts from the weeks rain, With the track being pretty dangerous it took me a while to find my groove and by the time i was feeling comfortable i found my self left with no time to put in a good lap for a good start position.

Or though i went to the line with a bad pick i was confident i had the speed to run with the top guys in the race, When the gate dropped i found my self left behind on the slippery concrete so knew i had some work to do from then on, I went into the first corner and tucked in tight to try make up some spots which i did but as i looked up after exiting the corner i saw Simpsons downed bike and had no wear to go except over it and went down hard damaging my bike and my shoulder in the process and un able to continue the race.


After the disappointment of race 1 i was i determination to do well in race 2. Once again i got a bad jump off the gate after spinning up on the concrete again but used my race one tactic and hugged the inside to come out of the first corner within the top 10 after exiting corner two however i noticed there was a problem with the throttle after not being able to shut it off properly tried to overcome the issue for another two laps but decided it was to dangerous to continue so had to pull it in again which was very disappointing,

After the race it turned out the race 1 crash had done more damage than first thought with a broken sub frame, throttle tube and throttle housing which was the problem with the sticky throttle.

Or though my day didn’t go to plan it was still a good test for the Geartec Huqsvarna team, everything ran like clock work and the day went smoothly which i was very happy about, I now have 4 weeks to prepare for round 1 of the Mx Nationals at Fat Cat Motoparc so we will continue working hard and improving so we can really show what we are capable of come March 5th


I’ll keep you all up to date with whats going on and you can also keep up  with my training and riding by tuning into my Vlogs on Youtube at  www.youtube.com/ebbmx