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Hey Everyone

Elliott Browne

Hey Guys and Girls,

I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year how fast does a year go?, When you were at school it seemed like a year took two but when you get older they fly by.
 So as you know I’ve had quite an eventful year or non eventful how ever you want to look at it but thats behind us now and I’m ready to get things back on track and chase my goals in 2016.
Im really looking forward to the new season, Unfortunately this year i won’t be racing the Arena Cross which I’m a little disappointed about but my and the teams main focus is on the outdoors and with the team switching manufactures i think it is the best decision, Last year i was sort of in the same place with bikes and testing when i turned up at Manchester for round 1 i had probably only ridden the bike 4-5 times and thats not really enough to compete against them french riders that have been riding Sx all year so we where behind the ball  but as the season progressed we got better and better and got a win, I would like to race the arena cross again in 2017 though as it is a great series not just for the riders but the teams also.
I guess i better talk about the new bike hadn’t i, Wow just Wow what a bike i know people always say its the best bike I’ve ridden, I love it, it suits me every time they get on a new bike but genuinely the Yamaha 450 is the best bike I’ve ever ridden, The power is unbelievable and so easy to use and the balance of it is just incredible and like no other bike I’ve ridden, At first it takes a little bit of getting used to as its a lot different to any other Japanese bike as it stays so flat all the time and I’m used to bikes diving a bit into corners where the Yam doesn’t but once you adjust its just such a fun bike to ride and i love every second riding it, There is a reason people are winning on this bike and i truly believe with the right set up i can take this bike to the top step again I’m really excited,
The whole team has changed a bit this year we have gone from a one man team to a four man set up  and the official Yamaha team which is really cool and i think shows just how much effort Rob and Paul to the bikes and the team to attract riders and manufactures and I’m really happy for them and what they have achieved in such a small space of time.
Im so pumped to have such good team mates around me to, on the 450 we have Ashley Wilde who is one of my best friends and he really stepped it up in 2015 he putts a lot of work in and it shows, Its nice to have a fast team mate to push each other along so when we go riding and testing with each other we will just be making each other faster.
On the 250 we have Lewis Tombs and Mickey Eccles, Lewi Tombs is probably my closest friend we see each other everyday as he’s my training partner and being my team mate couldn’t have worked out any better, We go riding with each other every time  we go out and it just makes life so much easier, Lewi had a rough year like my self with a bad ankle injury but he’s back up to fitness and he looks really good on the Yam and as for Mickey I’ve not really had to much to do with him but he seems a good kid and he can twist it for sure, So as you can see we have a good team this year and its very exciting for all involved.
Winter training is now in full flow except I’ve been ill over Xmas so I’ve been wiped out for a week or so which sucks but we still have plenty of time to get in shape, For this year I’ve got a slightly different training regime, I still training with my training Adam Prescott but strictly for Strength  and have a guy who looks after the Cardio side, Why i did this is because i felt when i was training i would go out cycling, Running , Swimming and didn’t have enough structure around it i mean i would do it all properly but after a few months was getting a bit fatigued, After speaking to Jason my Conditioning coach he looked at my plan and said i was doing to much and to much and what i was doing was at a higher heart rate than he liked, In other words i was just beasting my self every time i went out, So my training has changed slightly and I’m really enjoying it don’t get me wrong its still brutal with over 24 Hrs a week of training but a lot more structured and each session is a piece of a bigger picture.
The next month or so is all about training and riding i think we are off to Spain at the end of Jan as we just can’t ride enough in this weather and Hawkstone is still up in the air at the moment but if i am riding i will let you all know,
Thanks for reading and keep safe.
EBB 44